Tuesday, February 19, 2008

My New Year's Resolution (in the last half of February!)

My New Year's Resolution (50 days into the year already!) is to get this blog updated with photos and stuff... and to keep it updated (at least monthly!) A friend of mine recently reminded me that Cade has been "One Month Old" for 4 months now. Okay, so yeah, I'm a little behind. My goal is to catch up again before March. Maybe I'll do it on that one extra day this month.

There are so many days in the week that I wish I had at least 30 hours instead of 24. The downside to that is that I'd have more hours available to still get nothing worthwhile accomplished that I want to do... *sigh*. And it isn't the baby that keeps me busy... it's the older three and their "schedules". I didn't have a "schedule" at their ages; what's up with that??